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Things I need to do today

1. Fill out prescription
2. Get sim that works
3. Finish visa app
4. Write out sales resume and send it away
5. Call mum

Things I need to do this week
1. Work out budget
2. Find new job


a haiku a day (138/365)
"Tell mama about the missing bones. The ache of the haunted doors. All those missing Sundays we buried in the wrong place. Can we laugh about it yet? Is Someday here? Your hands are melting wax and the smoke in your mouth looks like a ghost. Come here and haunt me one more time."
— Y.Z, you’re in the wrong abandoned house (via rustyvoices)

This is my life plan

In October I go to Canada. I spend one year there. I will go check out Vancouver, stay in a hostel, smoke lots of weed then go learn to be a barista in whistler. After six months I will go get a job in Vancouver for 6 months. Then I will go look at America. I will start in Seattle then to go Portland and California, I will stay in Cali for a few months then I will got to Portland and stay for a year or two. Then I will go to London, probably only for 6months or a year. Then I will go explore Europe. Spending 4,5 or even 6 months in different parts of Europe. Italy, France, space, Venice, Croatia, Amsterdam, Greece, Rome, the Vatican. All of it. I will envelop Europe.

I will learn her moves, the way she speaks in a thousand different dialects, the way she has the history of a hundred empires. I will swallow all of Europe.

Then I will spend three years in India. Sometimes in an ashram sometimes on the streets sometimes everywhere. I will chart the topography of India till I am satisfied she is explored.

I will spend three years in south east Asia. Thailand and Bali will be my stepping stones. I will prance in different parts till my hears content. When I’ve earned my should I will find out where I left my heart on this journey. Open a quaint coffee bookshop and spend my life with passion, content and love of a life well lived.


First tattoo! The original illustration of Smaug from The Hobbit. Done by Sam at Addicted to Ink in White Plains, NY

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